4 Twitter Apps for the Classroom


I am a new comer to Twitter.  I created an account as a class requirement.  I had no idea that Twitter had apps that were geared to teachers and their classrooms.  I found an article on the EmergingEdTech site  written by K. Walsh on October 30, 2011 (http://www.emergingedtech.com/) ,  The article is about 4 Twitter apps for teachers using Twitter in the classroom.  I watched the video and was excited about the capabilities that these Twitter apps provide for free.  Yes, you can purchase apps with more capabilities but the basics are free. 

Twitpic- Load pics and share to Twitter

Twtpoll-Poll and survey tools for the teacher to use with students as a quiz

GroupTweet-Teacher can create a classroom Twitter group to share about subjects or projects

FollowerWonk-Analysis tool of Twitter users and followers to compare data

The GroupTweet would be a valuable tool for teachers, parents, and students to use for projects. The project rubric and guidelines could be posted as well as questions by students or parents.  The Twtpoll could be utilized to assess student’s understanding of the project or to determine if timelines for are being met for the project.

For those interested in more ways to use Twitter in the classroom, go to 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter .


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