3D Learning


I have seen only one 3D movie in my life and it was Yogi Bear.  I liked the screen affects but did not enjoy wearing the uncomfortable ill-fitting 3D glasses.  Now you can view 3D movies from your home.    The 3D technology has progressed from  movie theatres to homes and now to classrooms, where students are being taught using 3D projections. 

“Texas Instruments (TI) DLP Products presents the research data that shows 3D, when used as a teaching tool in classrooms, has a widespread positive impact on how students learn.” Raman Media Network, Sept 2011 http://bx.businessweek.com/education-technology/view?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ramanmedianetwork.com%2Fhow-3d-lessons-improve-student-learning%2F

The research was conducted in over seven European countries and compared the student learning in 2D versus 3D.  I can see this as a tool for teachers to use for subjects that are more difficult for students.   In 4th grade, science can be difficult for some students to grasp especially with diagrams of the physical anatomy and the organs within.  Using the 3D projection would be a great means to grab the student’s attention.  In this day of high technology, it is difficult to reach students in order to deliver the information.  Once the student is actively involved, more information will be retained and applied.    



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