Cloud Computing – Raining Change to Public School


I recently learned about Cloud Computing in one of my online classes.  As a teacher I had never heard of it.  However, when I was teaching there was always a lot of discussion about security for school records and that new technology in the classroom could jeopardize it.  Five years ago the school where I taught was very restrictive in what we could access even on the Internet.  Most of my research for lesson plans were accomplished at home and hardcopy were brought into the classroom.  I was not even able to email lesson plans from my home to my school email address.

Now there is a new change for public schools due to the need to find cheap effective means to educate and the need to bring the technologies that students are using into the classroom to improve learning results.  The change is called Cloud Computing.  It enables you to access software applications, hardware, data and computer processing power on the web.

One of the services that can be utilized is the Google Gmail to provide an email service to all its school students.  This would be a valuable tool communication for teachers and students .

With all new technology, there must be a full understanding of the service to ensure negative and positive aspects are taken into account.


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