Wired Differently


As teachers, educators, and facilitators of learning, we have to understand how learning occurs and the best means to promote learning.  Students of today do not want to sit in classrooms and listen to lectures.  This scenario is from an educational era that no longer exists.  Students want high-definition, fast and furious  high-technology learning environments.  In order to understand how students learn and how to promote learning, first you have to take a look at how they are wired.

“According to Marc Prensky, young people these days are wired differently; that their brains have been structured differently.”   This change happens throughout life and it is affected by experience. However, Prensky’s theory totally goes against that of Darwin that it takes many generations for adaptation of the environment to take place.  http://newlearning.wikispaces.com/

Students today think and see the world totally different from their parents.  Technology has placed emphasis and reinforced certain cognitive aspects.  Most of these changes in cognitive style are positive.

The problem is that most of our teaching habits – our institutional routines – are so small and limited.  Social media has extended the students reach and knowledge.  This  link provides Prensky’s 10 cognitive style changes that can assist in reaching younger workers who think differently.  These changes would also be excellent tips  for educators for the classroom.


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