Mimio Teach


 Mimio Teach is one of the newest tools available to teachers for the classroom.  It is a system that  converts a regular whiteboard to an interactive board.  The device is mounted to the whiteboard magnetically, which makes it simple to relocate or store.  It is an easy and simple to use handheld stylus that can withstand daily classroom use and is very affordable.  

It allows teachers to create interactive lessons that can include audio, video, and flash files.  It allows files to be imported for use in presentations such as abode or Powerpoint.  Notes or drawing from the whiteboard can be saved to a computer for use later or to share on the Internet.


Mimio has multiple resources available to assist teachers such as Facebook page, multiple levels of training available on-line and in-person, and an interactive teaching community site to share experiences and lesson plans.  There are many comments from teachers of the rewards of using the Mimio Teach as well as other tools of Mimio.  I wish that it had been available to use when I was teaching as it is engages the student in the learning process.





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