Dylexia Software -Fast ForWord Program


One of the more common learning disabilities is dyslexia and it is caused by a miscommunication between the eyes and the brain.  About 5 to 10 percent of American children are diagnosed with dyslexic.  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/09/110928142457.htm

There are now software programs available to assist children at home and school. One of these programs is the Fast ForWord® Program.

http://www.videosurf.com/video/dyslexia-help-software-programs-for-home-use-1297038735?vlt=kosmix .

It was  created to help students develop fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.  It uses speech verification technology to “listen” as a student reads aloud. Monitoring for signs of difficulty, the guided reading tool intervenes with assistance when the reader is challenged by a word.

This type of program is not just for students with dyslexia but can help leaning disabled students as it boosts the brain’s processing ability.  This program would be a valuable tool for any teacher or parent for children that are dyslexic or have a learning disability that involves processing abilities.  Reading for students with disabilities is so frightening and most simply stop reading.  The use of this program could engage a student to allow them to read and feel comfortable enough to continue to read.  Most students with low reading abilities drop out of school.   Staying in school means a better education and a better brighter future.



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