Podcasts – Educational Use


A podcast which replaced the word webcast, is a series of digital media files that are released and then downloaded.  The podcast began to catch on in the late 2004 even thought it began in 1998.  I was not aware that podcast had been around for that many years and wondered yet where I would go to find a listing of podcast available.  The podcast alley can be searched by genre and product. http://www.podcastalley.com/

The podcast can be used in the classroom for class report.  The teacher can create a summary of class activities for students on a weekly or monthly basis.  The students could work in groups to take turns creating reports of summaries of what they learned or what they did in class.  The reports could be listened t in class or shared with families.  The other means to use the podcast would be for interviews.  Students can use the podcast to record interviews.  They can record each other of do interviews for survivors of wars, holocaust, or events such as t 9-11. 


Of course as with every educational tool, there are pros and cons.  The cost is always a concern when dealing with schools.  They are however engaging and add a personal touch. 



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