Lite Reading – Dead Sea Scrolls


Click on the link below to see five of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  These scrolls were discovered in a cave and were only examined by scholar and archaeologists.  Now with infrared and computer enhanced photography anyone with a computer can view these 2,000 year old relics. 

Google and the Israel Museum used infrared technology and computer-enhanced photography to post five of the 950 manuscripts online.   The high-resolution digital images are accessible through the museum’s site using a Google viewing tool. The post includes an English translation and a search feature to one of the texts, the Great Isaiah Scroll.

These images show the age of the documents and allows everyone the opportunity to view the scrolls.  Without technology, this opportunity would not be available and only a few would see these scrolls.  I believe that anyone, religious or not, should view the scrolls.  When I looked at them there was an overwhelming sense of awe!  These documents are over 2,00 years old and I viewed them.  

Infrared technology and computer-enhanced photography created a lifetime memory for me.  I can share these with my family and friends.  I wonder what marvelous technology will be available next and how it will affect my life.  As technology advances, what other experiences will we be able to gain? 

View the Dead Sea Scrolls


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