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Everyone is on the fitness train when spring comes around..sun bathing, beaches, bikinis, shorts, skimpy tops, swimming pools, skiing, boating….  Now there is a new piece of technology available called the Body Media’s FIT Armband BW device.  The device looks like a watch and is worn around the upper arm.  It monitors everything from the users’ sleep pattern to body temperature.   Bluetooth has now been added to the armband so users can access the data from mobile applications on smartphones.  Body Media also foresees demand for services related to nutrition counseling such as providing an outsider access to the data online.

This new technology opens a whole new world for fitness nuts and those that want to monitor their own fitness.  Historically, only a doctor would be able to perform checks to determine heart rate or body temperature.  This is even more true with sleep patterns.  My husband had to go to a doctor to be referred to a Sleep Center in order to determine his sleep patterns and the possibility of sleep apnea. 

With the technology advances, the FIT Armband BW device can provide this data to users and a provider of their choice online.  I believe that this device would be valuable to those that want to get dietary advise as well as weight loss assistance.  The extended services for this device would also be valuable as consumers are time-limited.  The normal doctor visit can be hours long waiting to be seen which is very costly as the age continues to climb for the average worker.  People cannot take off from work to sit in a doctor’s waiting room.  What better way to ensure your provider has pertinent data to evaluate your heath than to have it accessible online?

If a dietician could monitor my husband’s intake of food, it might kill them.  But it would also provide the dietician with valuable information to help him to eat right and how to alleviate the junk food urges.  The FIT device could also be used to track blood pressure and heart rate.  All of these are valuable to a user and a provider to assist with health issues.  Instead of a visit to the doctor, the data could be monitored and the service provider would contact the user.  New concepts for a new technology!!

Usually when I think of technology, I think of computers.  I sometimes forget that there are medical technology advances until I need them.  I am definitely interested in this device and would purchase it.  I am a contractor and must use my vacation days to visit the doctor.  The ability to have my physical data viewed online could be a time and money saver.  I am not sure that it would replace the visit to the doctor but at least make the visit shorter with less time away from work.


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