Facebook Continues to Evolve


I am relative newcomer to Facebook.  Like a lot of the older generation, I was hesitant to participate in Facebook due to privacy issues.  Of course, I am also the person in favor of full-body scanners for airports and grew up in a small community with a 6-party phone line (For those that don’t know, that means 6 different homes shared the same phone line and anyone could listen in anytime). 

Facebook is a giant social medium (750 million users) which  allows a connection to family and friends far and near.  My family used Facebook to notify my husband’s nephew in Afghanistan that his grandmother has passed away.  The military process was a little slow…..  The ability for us to actually be online with him in an overseas location during our family’s grief was so helpful.  We could not hear each others voices but could ask questions and respond immediately.

Now Facebook may be revealing a new means to allow people to easily share their favorite music, television shows and movies.  How many time have you clicked on a music link posted, only to not be able to access it as you are not a subscriber?  It is very frustrating.   Remember when music downloads were free?  I once downloaded music for my MP3 for my gym workout without having to pay.  Now that is a thing of the past and is illegal.

Is new technology threatening?  Yes, sometimes it is overwhelming, especially if you are older and accustom to different ways.  Change is always difficult, even when you want to be part of the change.  The social media that seems to be here to stay,even evolving, is not something to fear but to embrace. It is just like any other advancement of technology, it takes time and the desire to learn.  



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