Facial Recognition


The Artec Group has developed a 3D facial recognition technology.  It allows recognition as fast as an individual can recognize another as within a split second.  There is no special posturing required and the individual can be walking or even running while the identification is being made.  The technology remembers the facial features which is very similar to a humans recognition. 


Homeland Security official are exploring the possibly of using facial recognition technology to identify terrorists and criminals.  The big issue is that they are going to use digital surveillance photos to do it.  Is this a violation of privacy?  If my photo is taken while running a red light, can it be compared to a database?  Everyone can understand the reasoning for facial recognition technology at airports, bus, and train terminals but has it gone to far?  The new technology turn “dumb” cameras  into smart observers. With the new technology, I think I feel safer flying but will be more hesitant to show my face around a surveillance camera in a hotel, restaurant, elevator, retail store, etc.  How do you know what the surveillance picture is being used for? 




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