Change: Am I Standing Still?


I wonder sometimes if I am standing still as technology changes.  I still have a desktop computer and I read from hardback books.  I don’t have a Facebook page or use IM to communicate.  However, I do work on a computer everyday and once considered myself technology savvy. 

Today’s kids are far more advanced in technology than I am.  I finally have a wireless printer but just now discovered the iPad.  I went on a trip to Best Buy with my daughter to get information on an e-reader.  While we waited for assistance, she researched all those on display with her phone.  By the time, we were assisted, she was able to talk intelligently to the sales clerk. 

While she was researching, I was playing with the iPad.  A young child about 9 or 10 years old, had to show me how to move the tablet to play a game.  I was just touching the screen which shows how limited I was in my thinking on technology.  Once I got the hang of the game, the iPad was awesome and I must have one. 

With my newfound information on technology, I wanted to see if it could be incorporated into my work arena.  I work for an agency within the government and travel with a computer.  The computer is a laptop but is still bulky and heavy for me.  The iPad was be so much easier to carry and would be more portable to work with on a plane.  However, computer support does not see the current iPad as an option. Am I standing still at work as well as in my home environment? 

At the pace that technology is changing, even if  I will purchase the iPad, will it be outdated?  How will I ever be able to keep up with technology?  I have heard it said that as soon as you purchase a computer, it is outdated.  This statement seems to be true!

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